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‘Summer Days’ Painting 2

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As I loved the process of the last painting I finished, I decided to paint another!
This is from the same Surface Pattern design as the last painting, and is called ‘Summer Days’.
I finished this painting in one day, unlike the previous painting which I sort of sporadically came back to every few days. I found the whole thing really relaxing and loved watching the painting come to life. I tried again to match the colours to a similar colour as they are on the original pattern.
The nice thing is that with painting you don’t have to worry as much about how the colours you use will reproduce print wise, as for some reason the photographs of the painting print out so much more true to life! (I love that!)
Here are the finished paintings in this mini series next to each other. I like the different sizes, but might start another series of similar paintings all the same size so that there is a theme.
And finally, the two paintings on my painting wall!

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