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New Painting…Based on previous work!

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By chance a month or two ago, in Photoshop I was scaling down a design of mine to fit into a certain jpeg size. As I always scan my files at a high resolution, they always end up being really big scale, so the pattern was really zoomed in on my screen. I hadn’t really given much thought to this before, however I really liked the large scale flowers, and wondered if there was a way I could use this approach for some new art.
As I had been desperate to start a new painting, I decided this might be the approach I wanted.
I printed my pattern and randomly placed it onto the canvas then used Trace down paper to transfer it exactly. I didn’t plan where the flowers would end up on the canvas, I just liked the view finder sort of approach, that it was just a snippet of the original pattern!
I then painted my canvas, trying to replicate the colours I had used digitally to colour the pattern. (Which was really hard, as I always use such vibrant colours!)
I always find mixing up palettes so therapeutic and use an A3 sketchbook as a palette when I paint so that I can keep all the colours I have used and I love looking back at it. (Yes, that’s a bit weird, I know!)
Paintings a lot more time consuming than colouring my design’s in Photoshop, but I love painting and find the whole process very inspiring. I wanted the colours to be really opaque and vibrant so did a few coats of paint on each section.
Once finished, I used a thick black marker to create the outlines, then finally added an Acrylic Glossy Varnish to seal the paint and add a shine. The shiny effect is really hard to photograph!
I loved working on this painting and would love to do some more in a sort of on going series, I already have some ideas which I will start working on soon. I’m also looking into resin as I think this will add a thicker glossy varnish to the painting, a glasslike quality which I think will add an extra finishing touch.
I think my little friend likes it!

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