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Module 1 – The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design

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I recently won a place on ‘The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design – Module 1’ run by the Make it in Design team, after coming 3rd in this Summer’s ‘Pattern Bombing’ brief.

I took Modules 1,2 and 3 of this course in 2013 after finishing University. It was just what I needed.
It was a pleasure to take the course again and I found it so much fun to re-work on the exercises with the knowledge I have now, as the first time I took the course I didn’t even know how to open a document in Photoshop let alone create anything!
In week 1 we were encouraged to get to know each other as a community of designers via social media and to start sharing our work, sketches and any collections of sketchbooks we have.
Here is a small sample of my collection and some sketches, I have loads!


Even though I have all of these sketchbooks, I still prefer to draw on loose sheets of paper as they are easier to scan in, but I love collecting sketchbooks.

All of the designers I met on the course were so kind and supportive, everyone is at different stages of their journey but the community was so inspiring, due to this support I felt much more confident in sharing my work in front of others thanks to this talented bunch of people.
I created ‘Deco’ during the course, I really love this, it’s a step away from my normal floral style but I wanted to challenge myself to create a newer pattern for my portfolio. I really love this and have made a room set of the design. *Room set from the Make it in Design Team*


I loved turning my designs into wrapping paper for one of the exercises, I used ‘Purple Haze’ for this and love the way it turned out! I had so much fun doing this, and will definitely be making some more!


I’m catching up on many of the exercises still but I’m working on it!

I’m so grateful to the Make it in Design Team for giving me this opportunity and would reccomend the course highly, it is so valuable and has really helped me to make a huge career change, click this link to go to the course website! – http://makeitindesign.com/design-school/

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