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‘California’ – My latest painting!

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Awhile ago I had an idea for a painting of a blue haired girl, so quickly tried to get the idea down as a solid idea. I didn’t have any paper with me so used my phone to scribble (well sort of, it’s kind of hard to do on a phone!) down the idea, and the main colours that I had in mind.

I usually sketch out my final ideas on A4 or A3 paper as its a conventional size to scale up or down, and means a little bit easier frame once completed. As this was on my phone, and the format of the sketch was a lot longer than a traditional format, I scaled up the drawing to the nearest to A3 I could, then drew over the top of the digital sketch until I was happy, finally inking in the final Illustration.


In my mind she had a sea foam kind of blue coloured hair, but when I was mixing up the paints decided on a slightly darker cornflower blue as this would contrast with the more muted colours on her facial features. I also muted the yellows on the sunflowers a little bit more than normal. I wanted to try out a more flat 2d, screen printed style for this painting so kept everything completely opaque and kept a limited palette.


Once all the layers had been painted, I mixed a darker version of her hair colour and used this to create thick outlines and curves to the hair. I used this colour in very thin areas to define her face and then finished with an even darker blue on her eyes.


I have named her ‘California’.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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